The 1.8L Audi A4 Engine

Published: 19th June 2010
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In this article, the specifications, strengths, and weaknesses of the Audi A4 engine are reviewed and compared against its best of class rivals, such as the Volkswagen Passat, the Infinit I35, and the Lexus IS300. The specifications of the Audi A4 engine are worth noting. With a seventeen hundred and eighty-one cubic centimeter, one point eight liter engine that features a four in line cylinder, along with an eighty-one millimeter bore, eighty-six point four millimeter stroke, nine point three compression ratio, a double overhead cam, and five valves per cylinder, it packs quite a bit of power into a four cylinder engine. It puts out one hundred and seventy horsepower at fifty-nine hundred RPM's. The Audi A4 engine features one hundred and sixty-six torque at nineteen hundred and fifty RPM's, also. The engine has five valvesl.

In comparison to similar luxury cars which are out on the market, the Audi A4 engine stacks up well against most of its in class rivals. The various specifications of the engines are compared and contrasted in the information below, which is offered by Motor Trends, as follows:

Audi A4 Volkswagen Passat GLS Infiniti I35 Lexus IS300
Standard Engine 1.8L 170hp I4 1.8L 170hp I4 3.5L 255hp V6 3L 215hp I6
Horsepower 170 @ 5900 RPM 170 @ 5900 RPM 255 @ 5800 RPM 215 @ 5800 RPM
Torque 166 @ 1950 RPM 166 @ 1950 RPM 246 @ 4400 RPM 218 @ 3800 RPM
Valves 5 5 4 4
Displacement (cc) 1781 1781 3498 2997
Bore X Stroke (in.) 3.2 X 3. 3.2 X 3.4 3.8 X 3.2 3.4 X 3.4
Compression Ratio 9.3:1 9.3:1 10.3:1 10.5:1

As is evident from the data table above, only the Infiniti I35 and Lexus IS300 are better powered in the Audi A4's class, with the Volkswagen Passat GLS having a comparably performing engine type. This Audi A4 engine, like many of the Audi engineered and manufactured engines in their other models, is a wonderfully designed engine which is capable of being pushed. It offers a reliable and solid power response.

Strengths of the Audi A4 engine are several. On the one hand, for a four cylinder engine, it offers nearly as much power as its best in class rivals. The turbo feature gives it an impressive extra power boost and kick. The acceleration is more than sufficient; it is superb. Another advantage to the one point eight liter Audi A4 engine lies in its gas saving performance. For a sporty car, the Audi A4 engine is fuel efficient. This one point eight liter engine can be boosted up to over two hundred horse power and approximately two hundred and thirty five torque by having the APR chip installed by the factory, giving it a good bit more power and a considerable amount of additional torque. With this extra power, the car smoothly and steadily accelerates up to the demanded speeds and well above.

Every engine, no matter how impressive its statistics and performances are, will have its weaker points. The Audi A4 engine is no exception to this common rule.
Although it is true that the one hundred and seventy horsepower one point eight liter Audi A4 engine is sufficient for the driver to have a good time with it, it does perform more impressively with the APR chip installed, which kicks up the horsepower to in excess of two hundred horsepower. In any event, the Audi A4 engine is not one to be underestimated.

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