Consider Replacing that 2.4L Toyota Camry Engine!

Published: 21st June 2010
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Your 2002 or newer Camry has been a trustworthy vehicle, but your 2.4 L Toyota Camry engine is smoking, leaking fluids or has well over 150,000 miles on it. The rest of your car, however, has been well maintained, the body is solid and the interior and exterior look good. With the cost of a new Camry topping $20,000 and with so much concern about our economy, there's an excellent alternative that doesn't involve another car payment.

The cost of replacing a Toyota Camry engine varies widely by geographic location, but it's still your best option if certain criteria are met. The breakeven on that Toyota engine replacement could occur in the first year just in the cost savings from avoiding new car insurance.

Verify your Camry's true condition. It looks good, but is it truly road worthy? The Camry's consistent popularity ensures a good supply of reasonably priced parts - but the need for any additional repairs should be investigated before replacing that Toyota Camry engine. A full vehicle inspection by a reputable and unbiased mechanic should avoid any catastrophic surprises after the engine replacement. Although the service life of a well maintained transmission is substantially longer than that Toyota Camry Engine a thorough transmission inspection is also important,

Competent home mechanics that wish to change that Toyota Camry Engine personally should be well versed in verifying engine compression and real wear. In addition, thorough research of model codes and options is necessary before starting a search for another engine at a junkyard, in classified ads, on eBay or Craigslist. Purchasing that Toyota Camry Engine from a reputable engine shop is highly recommended since it generally includes a guarantee period. One should bear in mind that Japanese manufacturers perfected the practice of minor model changes within production years. Although a newer 2.4L Toyota Camry engine may sound like a better option as the Toyota Camry Engine because the compression was upgraded in 2007, unfortunately, the actual result was little improvement in horsepower. Thus, using a newer models engine may only serve to complicate the replacement process. Component mating concerns and the need to update or replacie the engine computer must be considered to ensure that newer Toyota Camry engine provides satisfactory performance and meets emission standards for green states like California.

For non-mechanics, choosing a local engine shop is advisable should complications occur that require towing the vehicle back to the shop at the owner's expense. While recommendations from friends are an excellent start in finding a good engine shop, if their experience isn't recent, it's possible that the shop has changed suppliers for that Toyota Camry engine or the mechanics doing the work will be different. Lemon laws exist because any new car may have major issues right off the production line so understand there is potential for minor issues that may need to be resolved when replacing that Toyota Camry engine. It's an excellent idea to use the Better Business Bureau to see which engine shops have a proven track record of resolving customer complaints. Ask questions such as how the right Toyota Camry Engine is determined and located in addition to what their policies are if problems arise.

About: Is the shop experienced in Toyota Camry Engine? Bear in mind that many shops sometimes specialize in which makes and model they repair. If you're still enjoying your current Camry, replacing that failing engine may be the best and most cost effective move for you. So, get out your calculator and decide if it's the route you choose to go. We think you'll see the numbers clearly point in one direction.

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