A Cost Analysis: Replacing a 2004 or 2005 BMW 745i Engine Assembly

Published: 23rd June 2010
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The premature failure of the BMW engine found in the 745i is a rarity when one compares the 745i to other comparable vehicles such as the Cadillac STS or Lincoln Town Car. Yet it does happen, and drivers with little experience paying for large auto repair orders are left wondering what the best solution to replace their BMW engine is. This article, 2nd in a series, will examine the cost to replace the BMW engine in your 2004 or 2005 745i. We'll compare the cost of replacing a new BMW engine, a remanufactured BMW engine, and a used BMW engine.

Buying a new BMW engine for your replacement will incur the greatest cost by quite a margin. The BMW part number for a new N62BRRA motor is 11000302544. The price is near $27,500 (I say near because these prices seem to fluctuate). This will come as a long block, so labor costs will be increased over those of a used engine. Further, new gaskets and seals are not optional for an installation like this. You will have to purchase all new crankshaft gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, oil pan gaskets/sealant, valve cover gaskets - the whole nine yards. The only gasket you will not have to purchase is the head gasket. This sits between the short block and the cylinder head, and should come pretorqued. All sensors and wiring will have to be swapped, and your mechanic should put a new water pump on the vehicle. The total labor to replace your engine with a new BMW engine for this vehicle should run you around 30 hours. It is not a simple job. Total cost: around $30,500 (assuming you can use maintenance parts from your old engine assembly) and up.

Purchasing a remanufactured BMW engine will save you almost $10,000 - they come in from the dealer at just under 17,500. The remanufactured engine part number is 11000302545. The procedure is identical to installing a new motor. A remanufactured BMW engine is simply an engine that wore out and was completely redone. Total cost: around $20,500.

Your last option is perhaps the most doable. Purchasing and installing a used BMW engine can allow you to make your repair at a fraction of the costs we just looked at. Typically, a used 745i motor will run for $5500 to $6000 with a one year warranty. This price could be higher if the engine has under 40,000 miles. The cost to install a used engine can vary based on what your mechanic has to swap off the engine. You should always plan for your mechanic to swap all bolt on accessories, wiring, mounting, fuel delivery, and exhaust systems. Sensors, etc will also have to be swapped. Figure $9,000 for this engine swap - less than half of the price of a remanufactured BMW engine, and one third the price of a new!

We've examined several of the options you might have when replacing the BMW engine in your 745i. While none of these are cheap, they all pale in comparison to purchasing an entirely new 7 series vehicle. The cost of a used BMW engine is particularly attractive - just make sure you protect yourself by demanding a vehicle history report on the vehicle your engine is coming from BEFORE you purchase the engine. Remember, anyone can tell you anything they want to about an engine, so you should make sure that you get their statements in writing. Finally, check out any potential supplier with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you're not purchasing from a company with so many complaints you wonder how they're still in business.

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